Good Eatin’: Snert Is A Funny Word

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

My, how the food has slowed down since Japan. I have a bunch of things dotted around the house (like frozen red snapper and dried red dates) with no idea what to do with them. So maybe once work calms down and I can have a two day weekend  I will be able to clear out a lot of the backlog.

Food item: Snert

Ah snert. It sure is a fun word to say. I always think of Chandler saying “MERGE” when I say the word snert. This isn’t where the joy ends for me, since this is one of my favourite foods to come out of the Netherlands.

A big thanks to hubby’s family for the hamper of Dutch things that this tin of soup (and my new favourite slippers) came in. I may have insisted that we opened this tin up on a particularly cold day. Nothing suits a cold day like thick soup, and by god this soup is thick.

If you don’t know what snert is, it is basically a thick pea soup. It usually contains bits of meat and other vegetables in it, but the split pea is the key ingredient. It could be able to support a spoon for a short time although we watered it down a little bit to accommodate a generous serving of sliced rookworst (another hamper goody).

Food item: Satsuma

Now for something that is readily available in the UK. There has been quite a lot of citrus fruit on these lists (still some more to go, including Meyer lemons and finger limes). I guess I have never thought of satsumas as anything special since it is always there. It’s one of those things you pick up at a Tesco on the way home if you worry that a vegetableless day will leave you with a touch of the scurvy. Begs the question why I go for a satsuma over something that is easier to eat when walking to the station, like a banana.

Food item: Heather Honey

I finally bit the bullet and bought a jar of heather honey. Now I have a jar sitting in the cupboard never to be opened again. It was vile.

I like honey in food such as stir-fries, marinades and glazes. I will even put it in my green tea. Thing is, I have never been the sort of person to just eat honey from the jar (as I am not a bear) or spread it onto toast though. Too sweet. I would never do it with heather honey because of the extreme floral aromatics at play. It is aggressively floral to the point of pungent.

I think something like this could work in a cake, but never by itself.

Progress: 807/933

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