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It’s been over 7 years since I started this blog. A lot has happened in those intervening years including a number of job chances, amazing holidays, my own wedding and the recent time we all lost to COVID-19.

I have written over 2000 posts written about so many different things. Films, anime, trips to East Asia – so many things about my life have been documented… including my own times with mental health issues. This blog became such a major part of my life and hours have been spent on it.

However, it feels like it is time to put an end to this blog. I mean, 2000 posts is a lot and I am finding myself putting myself watching, reading or listening to the things I want because I either don’t want to spend the evening writing or don’t want to spend time on something I would not be able to write about.

So yes, whilst I will still be crossing off these many lists I will no longer be blogging about them. Just going to let these little achievements of mine happen naturally and spend time doing other things I enjoy that are not ‘blog friendly’.

To those who have been reading this blog and following me on my any different journeys – I thank you. It’s been a good time.