Acclaimed Albums – Forever Changes by Love

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 101/250Title: Forever Changes
Artist: Love
Year: 1967
Position: #50

Wow, I am really beginning to pick up the pace on these albums. Granted, if it wasn’t for the fact that I had to create 2-300 word posts for each album I would probably be a lot further to finishing off the 250 than where I am now. Also, 2015 was a RIDICULOUSLY good year for music. How can I listen to old music when there are new releases by Joanna Newsom, Grimes, Bjork and Sufjan Stevens? Well, exactly.

I’ve begun to find that during my making improvements to my games list (which is still a long way from me actually finalizing and using it – as it stands there are now 1100+ lists involved in the calculations) is a good time to listen to some of these albums.

One thing that doing this acclaimed albums list has taught me, is that I have no idea about what makes a genre. When reading up about what to expect of Forever Changes I came across the terms ‘baroque pop’ and ‘psychedelic rock’. So, I was expecting some Jimi Hendrix/Beach Boys/Captain Beefheart mash up. It isn’t exactly what I got.

The roots of Forever Changes is very much in folk rock. Now THAT I can understand. I am guessing that some of the guitar playing that I heard (which I would just label ‘sixties’) would be more along the lines of psychedelia. Possibly. I don’t know.

In any case. In spite of not being able to find a genre to successfully pigeon-hole this album I have to say that I really enjoyed Forever Changes. It is a rare example of an acclaimed album from the 1960s that I really got. Maybe it is because Love is one of those bands that you never really hear about so there were no expectations (although, album opener ‘Alone Again Or’ sounded oddly familiar).

Expectations of albums or artists have been toxic when trying albums on this list for the first time. Makes me wonder how I’ll feel about the remaining albums in the Top 10.

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