About Me

Myself at my best friend's weddingSo who is this bucket list-obsessed bubble blower?

My name is Peter and as of writing this (happy Christmas 2019!) I am 30 and living in London.

I created this blog back in March 2014 for one big reason: to actually start crossing things off of the many bucket lists I’d started accumulating. It’s actually amazing what a regular schedule will do for discipline.

So in between my job as an analyst, cooking whatever I can find and watching re runs of Arrested Development I am crossing off movies, TV shows,  classical music and a lot of other things.

Will I complete everything? Nah. Will it be fun trying to cram as much in as possible? Definitely!

Your feedback, advice and comments are always appreciated! In fact the more the better! If you want to use anything from my blog (especially the bucket itself) somewhere else that’s fine but please refer back to where you found it.

That’s it for now, just need to figure out how I am ever going to complete some of the weirder items in this list…

P.S. Big thanks to Kat for allowing me to use her picture of Matt Damon as a bucket holding a list… long story.


5 thoughts on “About Me

      1. Oh I’m sorry, but don’t let that bring you down! You’ve got some great stuff here, and some more great stuff to come it seems 🙂 It’s very refreshing and like I said, inspiring! Keep us updated!

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