To Do

Okay, some items on here have already been completed or are in progress but I have not typed them up yet. However, if you see something on here you want to do (or invite me along to) pop over to the Contact Me page!

Visit all seven continents
Visit the Grand Canyon
Take a road trip across America
Visit Uluru
Go to the top of the world’s tallest building
Learn how to play any national anthem on any instrument
Make a proper escape plan in case zombies attack
Have something you have written published
Ride a horse
Go to a casino in Las Vegas
Go on safari in Africa
Visit the Great Wall of China
Plant a tree
Climb a tree
Visit the Three Views of Japan
Ride all the lines of the London Underground
Be involved in the making of a film
Live as a vegetarian for a week
Go camping
Visit Stonehenge
Watch a movie on the largest cinema screen in the world
Win a competition
Grow something edible
Make my own jam
Milk a cow
Witness a birth of any animal
Visit the Taj Mahal
Go fruit picking
Have a pet fish you can keep alive for more than a month
Do volunteer work
Play with a React-Table
Learn how to roller-skate
Go ice-skating
Earn a belt in a martial art
Own and learn how to use a crossbow
Pickle something
Visit Venice
Have a star named after yourself
Visit a casino in Monte Carlo
Stand where the Berlin Wall used to be.
See the Aurora Borealis
Build and burn an effigy
Make your own fireworks
Visit the land of the midnight sun
Visit Red Square
Dance on a table
Read the Bible (or other religious book) cover-to-cover
Make a family tree going back 3+ generations
Roast marshmallows over an open fire
Take part in a protest
Visit Hawaii
Paint a room
Ride a tandem bike
Hug a stranger
Make your own cheese
Play in a ballpit as an adult
Fly a kite
Watch a Shakespeare play at The Globe
Get a tattoo or piercing
Visit Giant’s Causeway
Dance in the rain
Take part in a snowball fight
Build a snowman
Try on an item of clothing in a store that you don’t intend to buy
Write an angry letter to a newspaper
Successfully April Fool someone
Play Spin the Bottle
Write a letter to your local member of government
Take part in an archery class
Feed an animal by hand
Earn a driver’s license
Visit a location said to be haunted
Search for the Loch Ness Monster
Perform at a karaoke bar
Try absinthe
Invent your own card/board game
Make a giant version of a food item
Visit Iceland
Run as fast as you can
Go fishing
Chase a squirrel
Learn to juggle
Win at Scrabble
Play Pictionary with a jumbo pad
Make a baking soda volcano
Ride in a hovercraft
Compare the boiling of a watched and unwatched pot
Become domesticated
Play fetch with a canine friend
Swim with dolphins
Make a 60 second movie
See a blue whale
Have a successful whale watching trip
Skip through a field
Make your own alcohol
Say yes to something you would normally say no to
Take care of a sick friend
Live in a foreign country
Go zip lining
Visit Yellowstone National Park
Go trick or treating
Make s’mores in front of a campfire
Go to a World Expo
Send a message in a bottle
Run up an escalator the wrong way
Keep a dream journal
Set a world record
Go Geocaching
Write a letter to yourself in the future
Learn to skim stones
Go commando for a day
Go skinny dipping
Bounce on a space hopper for 100+ metres
Learn quotes from philosophers to drop into conversations
Learn a poem off by heart
Ride a scenic railway through the Canadian Rockies
Do something you can take pride in
Make dim sum
Learn a foreign language
Visit Easter Island
Get a professional massage
Meet a nun
Float in a sensory deprivation tank
Ride a mechanical bull
Go to a school reunion
Watch a meteor shower
Travel first class
Knit something wearable
Ride a steam locomotive
Go snorkelling/diving
Construct a piñata
Learn to roller skate
Learn to ride a bike
Go to an exercise class
Learn to ski
Learn to say hello in 20 languages
Learn to dance
Ride in a helicopter
Learn a magic trick
Learn to meditate
See Mount Rushmore
Jump in a pool fully clothed
Unplug for 48 hours
Build a pillow fort
Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
Go bungee jumping
Go zorbing
Get a strike whilst bowling
Write a computer program
Go UFO Spotting
Float in the Dead Sea
Watch a fireworks display
Visit a spa
See sakura in bloom
Visit Rio De Janeiro
Stand on the equator
See the Amazon rainforest
Be a movie extra
Ride a Segway
Ride in a limo
Visit Jerusalem
Hug a koala
Have your fortune told
See the Hollywood sign
Walk across Golden Gate Bridge.
See the World’s Largest something
Solve a Rubik’s cube
See Angkor Wat
Slide down a sand dune
Visit San Diego zoo
Make a balloon animal
Go on a hot air balloon ride
Visit a ghost town
Cross-stitch something


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