Over 1300 Best Games Lists – A Definitive Best Games Ever List!

Over a year ago I made a post with what I thought was a pretty cool and definitive list of the best ever video games. Enter a rather amazing collaborator who furnished me with 1000+ extra lists!

That’s right, over 1300 lists have been amalgamated to create a new list of the best video games. With titles like Assassin’s Creed IV falling out to be replaced by the likes of UFO: Enemy Unknown the credibility of this list is feeling a little bit more… professional.

The great thing about having so many lists is stability. Yes, a new list always brings movement, but it is no longer as foundation shaking as before. This means that I am happily able to expand this to a Top 1000 – which can now be viewable at Play That Game

For the purposes of this blog, however, I am going to stick with the Top 100. Also, now that the list is in a FAR more complete state than it was last year, I will now be starting on these games for blog purposes. A lot of time has been taken up by making this as conclusive as possible. I feel I am pretty much there now.

Please enjoy, share and send any comments about this new list.

If you missed the link:



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