Good Eatin’: The Indecisive Foodie

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

The morning of writing this I was given carte blanche over what we were going to have for lunch and dinner. Now I know this is pretty much what I do for the weekly shop but for that it is online and I don’t have the option of using the fresh counters. Needless to say that I spent between 30-40 minutes wondering around the nearby Tesco and later 10 minutes in the Lidl trying to decide what to get.

Food Item: Watercress and Finocchiona Salami

For lunch I knew that we had some rye bread in the cupboard so wanted to go a bit ‘make your own open faced sandwich’ route. I picked up some Light Boursin and watercress from Tesco and some German meat salad and fennel salami from Lidl.

Watercress is up there with rocket and lamb’s lettuce as some of my favourite salad leaves since they pull their weight in terms of flavour, for watercress this is a peppery taste that tastes delicious when wilted over gnocchi in a tomato and garlic sauce. The special salami that I got was delicious. It wasn’t overpowering but the presence of fennel in the salami was very much present, at times delicate and at others rather dominant (it really depended on the slice).

IMG_0882Food item: Hake and Walnut Oil

For the first time ever I actually cooked something from a fish counter. I actually went to Tesco with the hope of octopus. Due to the absence of this tentacled beauty (one day) I instead went for a fish that I had not heard of before and is apparently a rather ugly relative of cod.

IMG_0883With all of this cooking fish that I have started doing this is probably the best looking one I have done so far. It was very simple too. Lightly coated in flour season with lemon-pepper and fried in walnut oil for five minutes per side. The oil gave the fish a delicate nutty after-taste whilst the fish itself was very much like cod but did not have as strong a flavour and did not flake as neatly. Served alongside were some air-fried sweet potato in a walnut oil and smoked paprika coating.

Progress: 106/500

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