Good Eatin’: Catching Up On Some Fish

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

The quest to match percentages across the different sections of the food list is a bit stupid, I know, but I know that if given the choice I would probably just spend most of my 500 eating baked goods and sweets.

Once again, I focussed on fish and tried two new ones in the week. For one of them I cooked it properly myself… the other I got it frozen.

Food Item: Cod and Pine Nuts

I am in two minds about eating cod. It’s delicious but the fishing practices surrounding cod can be a bit sketchy. I have actually had cod plenty of times before since I am British and not adverse to some fish and chips.

Instead of popping down the local chippy I thought it would be better if I tried to cook it myself. So I followed a recipe here for sablefish with pine nuts and just used cod instead. The whole thing tasted like a pasta-less puttanesca with a lot of toasted pint nuts. Hot, fishy and delicious. The toasted pine nuts on top are a nice touch, I prefer them on salads or pizza though.


Food Item: Lemon Sole, Polenta and Parsnips

Sometimes you just want an easy meal after getting home from work. Prepared lemon sole from Tesco in a seeded crust, honey-glazed parsnips, pre-made polenta block that can easily be glazed in gochujang (Korean chilli paste) and grilled.

Food Item: Tartare Sauce

I know I can not plate a meal so it looks good on camera for the life of me but trust me this was delicious, especially with some tartare sauce on the side. As a whole meal this worked really well. The sweetness of the parsnips worked well against the spicy glaze I gave the polenta chips. The best part, however, was the fish. Not only the taste of the fish but also the crispy crust. I may have to buy that again.

Progress: 84/500

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