Good Eatin’: A Fancy Finger Moustache Lunch

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Food Items: Cherry Tomatoes, Sherry Vinegar, Manchego, Smoked Mackerel

This was one of the best lunched I had in ages. It felt so fancy that every time I refer to this I have to do a finger moustache and call it my fancy lunch. It started out because I am very well aware of the lack of fish that I have eaten so far. A trip to the Little Waitrose that opened in the high street (still stoked about that) meant we were able to find ourselves a nice packet of peppered smoked mackerel. It was then that I thought that we should have a fancy lunch!

So we smelt the cheeses , bought the fish and went across the high street to the local Morrisons to get the rest of the provisions for lunch. Including a loaf of date and walnut bread which my partner picked up (apparently since he remembered what I said about Manchego pairing well with fruit). We got home, I tossed the salad leaves in some sherry vinegar, sliced the Manchego as thinly as I could without removing my fingertips and the below is what we had:

The great thing about this lunch is how all the flavours really complimented each other. The buttery and understated Manchego worked well with the crisp, sweet explosion of the cherry tomatoes and the acidic (yet sweet notes) of the sherry vinegar. I was a bit of a philistine and turned my plate into a big open faced sandwich (where the smokiness and meatiness of the fish co-dominated with the sherry vinegar) and consumed very quickly. We ended up having enough left over that we had exactly the same for dinner and we were more than happy to do so.

Food Item: Single-Estate Chocolate

I have been curious with the idea of Single-Estate chocolate since first reading about it in the book. The idea is to create connoisseurs for chocolate in the same way we exist for wine. To qualify all the beans used in the chocolate have to come from the same plantation. As such we had a limited selection in the Little Waitrose and settled on the Indonesian Gold since it sounded the most delicious based on the box.

Being 69% dark this was dark, rich and really lingered on the pallate (trying to use wine lingo here, how am I doing?). There was an immediate burnt sugar(almost treacle) taste that melted away as the chocolate melted to give a far more subtle note which, like the package says, resembles caramel. But I would still go for burnt caramel rather than regular caramel you find in a Mars bar. Yes it was nice but I’m happier chomping on milk chocolate (now to find some single estate milk chocolate).

Progress: 63/500


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