Dear Diary… I Should Never Re-Read You

This isn’t something I have have just finished, in fact it is something I did for two and a half years and they mark the years 2005 to the first half of 2007. They are also cringing to read now that I am older.

mydiaries List Item: Keep a diary
Progress: Completed

In order to write this post I picked up the 2005 diary and turned to a random page, which lead me to April 14th. Here is an excerpt (it was the first day of school after the Easter holidays):

From the moment I walked in everything was back to normal. The isolation and sheer lonleyness (sic) that can be attributed to being unpopular

I then spend the rest of that day mooning over my crush and planning to become friends with him (never happened), being glad someone I disliked stayed away from me and something about a rumour of guy in the year below who gave another guy a handjob for a tenner. A few more flicks in that year is still fairly emotional and weird to read.

Let’s see how 2006 reads. First page I open is November 21st.

Apart from the visit from the fire brigade to put out a bin that some chavs set alight it has been a relatively normal day.

Getting better. How about November 22nd.

A bunch of Vikings got on the bus. All dressed up with horned hats, armour and axes. Found it hard not to laugh, especially when they started singing “The Wheels On The Bus”, “Hail To The Bus Driver” and of course “If You’re Happy And You Know It”. Pity they got off early.

So I guess that I cheered up between April 2005 and November 2006.

It’s really odd to read these and I am glad I actually kept them since it allows me to look back on my final two years of school. Even if I am a whiny cry-baby a lot of the time.

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