Good Eatin’: The Meal ASDA Didn’t Want Me To Have

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Okay, I need to explain the title since this is not just a random pot-shot at ASDA this is venting after some bad ASDA experience.

Since we moved into our own place we have been ordering our groceries from ASDA (like I did when I was at university). This is not only because they are on the cheaper end of the spectrum but of all the online food shopping sites they tend to be the ones with the most offers on two litre bottles of Pepsi Max.

So, what happened this time? Well firstly I got a call at work a few hours on the day of delivery saying that due to a vehicle problem my delivery had to be cancelled and rescheduled to Monday. This was annoying, but after a call I got it moved to Saturday evening. Ok, fine. Then Saturday evening came, they were late and the delivery was missing about 2-3 bags worth of shopping. After half an hour on the phone to customer service I was assured that I would get a call about redelivery soon… and we waited until noon the next day. We called up and told to phone back in an hour… then basically told it would probably be best to go for the refund.

Needless to say, not exactly a happy consumer. So after my 3 month delivery pass lapses I will be looking for another online food shopping provider. Probably Tesco. As for today’s food, a mix of Morrison’s and Tesco to the rescue!

Food Items: Cous cous, Halloumi, Pumpkin Seed Oil

Ah cous cous, so good they named it twice. I love how versitile it is and today we had ‘Moroccan-Style’ which involved sultanas and cumin. It was earthy and delicious, much like the pumpkin seed oil. I can’t quite believe now much it tastes like solid pumpkin seeds… I know it’s weird but I didn’t. It is also a very very dark green, a colour you only see if you have a very small amount of it. You don’t need a lot of it since it is quite a strong flavoured oil which is nice with lettuce or chard.

Halloumi is great because you can fry it or grill it and it doesn’t make a horrible molten mess in your pan. I know some people don’t like that there is a slight squeakiness when you bite into a slice of it but I love that, same with the saltiness of the cheese. Apparently there is a Finnish squeaky cheese on the list called Leipäjuusto which I am going to have to look out for if I am ever in Finland.

Food Item: Nashi Pear

I can not believe I found these in Morrisons. They look really quite odd for pears, which explains one of their other names: Apple pear. They also go by Asian Pear, Japanese Pear, Korean Pear and Sand Pear.

Now I am not the biggest fan of pears (I prefer apples) but these are the juiciest pears that I have ever had. I took a big bite and the amount of juice that was released meant I was just dribbling (not a great image). They are very sweet and very much like what would happen if you combined an apple with a good quality pear.

Progress: 67/500


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