Level One – Final Fantasy VI

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 69/100Title: Final Fantasy VI
Developer: Square
Original Platform: SNES
Year: 1994

I am going to start this with, what might be considered, a controversial statement: I think that Final Fantasy VI is much better than Final Fantasy VII. I know I haven’t crossed off Final Fantasy VII yet, but that’s only because my attempt to play it some 6 years ago didn’t keep me interested enough to keep going. As a gamer I am aware that saying this is heresy, but there you go.

Considering that I do not have a SNES to hand, I played the version that can currently be found on Steam and used an Xbox 360 controller. It’s not necessarily the genuine experience because of some of the updates (including art that makes Terra look unnecessarily vapid), but it was successful enough that I know that I am going to end up playing this game to completion.

The big thing that got me with Final Fantasy VI was the scope. The world is huge, the roster of 14 characters gives you plenty of scope for experimentation and the variety of battle mechanics makes sure that you can use many different strategies for the random encounters.

Of course you end up having favourites (the party I have used for most of my game so far is made of Celes, Cyan, Sabin and Edgar) but I can see that should I complete this and come back to this game in a few years time I will be able to have a completely different experience. That’s the mark of a great JRPG and what I didn’t get with Final Fantasy VII, but did with Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy X.

Keeping with the character theme, Final Fantasy VI really invests in character development. I enjoyed the fact that your experience of an area can vary depending on the characters you have in your party – which can help you get to know them better. For example, there is an optional cut-scene where you learn about Sabin and Edgar’s relationship and how it was Edgar that ascended to the throne after their father’s death. It’s a scene you can completely miss, I just got lucky.

Also, how can I talk about characters without mentioning Kefka. He has got to be one of those rare pure villains who is evil for the sadistic pleasure and not because of some trauma or some ulterior motive. There is no real attempt to generate pathos, Kefka is just Kefka and he is a few nuns short of a nunnery.

So yes, it’ll be a while before I get to the next game because (as I am writing this) I have yet to complete this. And I will complete this, as I need to heal the ruined world before I walk away from this game.


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