Good Eatin’: A Saturday Meeting

 List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

Saturday meetings. Does anyone actively seek them out? No? Thought not. Here’s the thing though, I don’t mind them. With the people that I work with it can actually be quite fun, especially when I am made to book the meeting into an external venue (due to a mixture of it being fairly last minute and the busy time of year in my building).

The first three food items in this post came from the lunch of that meeting where we were actually given a menu to choose from.

Food item: Quail Egg

For the starter it was mushrooms on sourdough bread which was topped with a fried quail egg. Now, I am a big fan of sourdough bread, in fact it would be up there as one of my favourite bread types. The quail’s egg, however, was a bit of a disappointment. It tested just like a normal egg to me, only a wee bit smaller.

Food item: Pommes Gratin Dauphinoise

For the main was roasted pieces of chicken with Dauphinoise potatoes and “crushed carrots”. I had been eyeing a ready made pack of Dauphinoise potatoes in the Co-op so… score. They were easily the best part of the main course; creamy, hot and fluffy.

Food item: Eton Mess

So this was dessert. It’s my mums favourite dessert and yet I have never had it before. I am not sure how that adds up either. In the book they misspell the name of this dessert as Eaton mess, which just goes to show how you need people with subject knowledge as your final proof reader.

It was gorgeous and of it was not for a mixture of shame and a full stomach I would have finished the Eton mess of the attendee that left. I also knew that there was Domino’s for dinner so I was ‘good’.

Food item: Blueberry Muffin

 Else where in the week I had the first blueberry muffin for a very long time. It was NOT the gorgeous ban offer muffin from the local Raddisson Blu but it was still delicious. It even had a cream cheese filling, which is always welcome.

Food item: Chestnut Mushrooms

Finally got around to including this in the blog, mainly since I forgot to take a picture of these three times before now.  Why do I have these so often? Because these are my favourite mushrooms and I used them to make stroganoff.

Food item: Black Lime

 Okay, so this needs a bit more of an explanation. I bought these black limes a month or so ago when I also bought that weird Eastern European beetroot paste.  Since then they have been sitting in my cupboard waiting to be used. Until now, when I got it into my head to follow a recipe for black lime tea.

List item: Buy an appliance that you use once and forget about
Status: Completed

So this is a weird time to cross off this item, but it’s the time this cropped up… since I completely forgot I had a slow cooker in the back of my cupboard and only noticed it when I needed a vessel large enough to hold 3 litres of water as well as a bunch of crushed black limes. After heating, straining and sweetening we had the finished tea and it was only okay. I can see why you would use black lime in a meal. It does give it an extra lime chutney bit of flavour to things, not necessarily the best hing for tea though.

IMG_1373Food items: Kofte, Pitta, Tzatziki

Rounding off the week was a rather nice bank holiday meal at my mum’s. It’s a further example of just how achieveable a lot of these foods are on the new lost. I mean I still have hot chocolate, green tea and peaches to do…. maybe that will be a post next week?

Progress: 545/933

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