I’m So Exciskint!!!

In case you had not gleaned from all of the posts on this blog, this is the year that I will be getting married to the poor sucker of a Dutchman that somehow fell for me.


Seriously though, the closer we get to the wedding day, the more it become a real thing and the more I realise that I will be blimp-like in my wedding photos. Still, it’s going to a lovely day.

This brings me to the title of today’s post; a portmanteau of excited and skint for today is the day that I paid for the honeymoon:

List Item: Have £10,000 in my bank account (not including loans) at one time.
Progress: Completed (and not anymore might I add)

Many thanks to my grandfather who left me the money that lead to this, and to my mum for teaching me the value of saving my money. I have been able to plan the trip of my dreams: two weeks in Japan taking in the sights of shrines, Mt Fuji and deadly blowfish.

After spending the money on this (what is going to be amazing) honeymoon I have to say that I felt a little sick seeing just how quickly the money just melted away from my internet banking account. Sure is gonna be worth it though, despite the fact that taking away the money for the actual wedding I am basically broke… for now.


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