Good Eatin’: Experimenting With Pizza

 List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

All of this beautiful food was consumed on the Sunday where I spent pretty much everything in my savings on my future honeymoon. Food is a great comfort when you have spent a lot of money.

Food item: Salchichon de Vic and Danish Blue

Thanks again to Wholefoods for supplying me with something list-related and rather expensive if I had bought a lot of it. Yes, I managed to find some salchichon de vic and it was really good. It was a lot harder than I expected from something akin to salami… but with it’s savoury flavour, hint of pepper and a prolonged and pleasant after-taste this is something to revisit in the future.

Then there is Danish blue cheese, something I am happy to see from the new list. It is one of those things that I usually use when I make Cobb salad (something I need to make again for the sake of the new food list and general deliciousness). It’s not viewed by many as a great blue cheese and because of that it is actually rather cheap. The thing is that it’s one of those cheeses that can get people into blue cheese because it has that distinct aroma and flavour and yet it is so creamy that it doesn’t feel so intrusive when eaten.

Food items: Hazelnut Oil and Sumac

I had a taste of this before I used this in the pizza. I have to say that I really enjoyed the taste of the hazelnut oil, it smells strongly of hazelnuts and tastes like a mixture of the nut and of pumpkin seed oil. I can see this being good in salad dressings.

Sumac is something that, now I taste it, I realise that I have had this before on things. It’s salty and tastes weirdly like cranberries. As such, I thought it would be good to add to the pizza sauce alongside my regular ingredients and a sprinkling of Szechuan pepper.

The pizza turned out really well in the end. The hazelnut oil added a gorgrous nuttiness to the dough whilst the sumac in the sauce and sprinkled over the top gave a bit of added saltiness (the fruitiness was lost amongst the goats cheese and smoked sausage).

Food item: Champagne Rhubarb and Rhubarb (…yea)

Okay, this is where things are getting a little bit weird with regards to both lists. I kept the generic and speciality versions since I thought I would be able to cross off a lot of them separately. Of course this did not happen here, and I even researched the names of the farmers on the front of this packet to make sure this rhubarb was correct.

I decided to stew this rhubarb with some orange juice and ginger before serving it with a lot of custard. Proper gorgeous.

Progress: 458/933

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