Acclaimed Albums: More of The Beatles

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 64/250

Title: Revolver
Artist: The Beatles
Year: 1966
Position: #1
Title: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Artist: The Beatles
Year: 1967
Position: #5

We are posting in June and that means one thing when it comes to this bucket list item: the time for a new list is imminent and I will probably be losing a few checks on the list. Five were kicked off last time and I have a feeling a few more will fall off. For example, Joanna Newsom’s Ys is really precariously perched there at #250 so that really has a chance of exiting.

As such, due to my writing this a few months in advance, it’s worth going for really safe albums for a the time being until the new list comes out. What can be safer than looking at two albums within the Top 5? Especially when one of them occupies the top spot of the entire list.

Now here’s the thing. I have really given The Beatles a fair whack and I really see a lot of the good in their music. However, maybe it’s the fact that I am a dick when it comes to recommendations but I just don’t get what is so great about Revolver. I mean, out of all the Beatles albums I have listened to (I think I am now up to six) this would probably occupy the fifth or even bottom position.

It feels like the awkward teenage album that saw the transition between ‘classic Beatles’ (as my partner refers to it) and the greater experimental influences that really started in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I mean seriously, how can an album with ‘Yellow Submarine’ as its most well known track be the best ever? ‘Eleanor Rigby’ is a brilliant song I will give it that but the rest… not really no. The fact that this beat Pet Sounds to the number one slot is ludicrous to me.

Then again, I do feel like The Beatles has become so enshrined in the culture of music journalism that anyone who disagrees about them being the best thing ever gets quickly shouted down. Or maybe it’s just be shouting in the dark because I see so many people writing superlatives about Revolver and it left me completely cold. Or maybe its the extreme expectation that being #1 has attached to it. I doubt the last one since somehow The Velvet Underground & Nico shocked me with how much I enjoyed it.

I have two more Beatles albums left to go for this list as well as some John Lennon work (nothing from Paul McCartney which shows every cloud). I might be worth doing another double despite the fact I didn’t talk much about Sgt. Pepper in this.

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