Music Monday: Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 44/250BorntorunTitle: Born To Run
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Year: 1975
Position: #17

I am not very good when it comes to recommendations. In fact, there are many times when someone telling me that I should listen to an album or an artist makes me consciously not want to listen to them. Makes me sound a bit like a dick (I know this), but when I am in the middle of a Grimes-haze I don’t necessarily want to listen to rock n’ roll. I also don’t like proving people right… which, again, makes me a dick.

Bruce Springsteen is one of the many singers who I have not listened to for years out of sheer stubbornness. Also, the fact that it is a fairly recent phenomenon that I would listen to male singers who were not Beck, Sufjan Stevens, Kevin Barnes or Rufus Wainwright. Seeing how ‘The Boss’ has four albums within the Top 250 and it was time for me to look at an album from 1975 I guess that, for once, the stars had aligned.

First listen in on Born to Run I immediately latched onto two things: the fact that each song has 30+seconds of instrumental flavour, and that the title track is bloody amazing.  It’s made me wonder if I want to add listening to the acclaimed songs to my bucket list. I mean I have already crossed a lot of them off in the albums so far… something to consider.

Anyway, the title track is just… astonishingly good. I am a real sucker for a big production and the sheer thickness of the musical layers on this song hits you like a joyful ton of bricks. I don’t even care what the song is about since it might take away from the smiling feeling I am left with afterwards.

By the third listen I had begun to hear how well produced this album is. It is very influenced by Phil Spectre who, despite turning out to be rather sociopathic, was a brilliant producer whose ‘Wall of Sound’ lead to most of the music I have some to love. Due to this influence every song feels like a suite in themselves with some of them bordering on the epic. Another thing you can not fault him on is the sheer passion in his delivery. It’s an album that warrants a further listen, even if it’s to get context for the remaining albums.

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