One Day Until NaNoWriMo

List item: Complete a work of fiction (novel, novella, play etc.)
Status: In Progress102210_nanowrimo2

List item: Complete NaNoWriMo
Status: 0/50,000

Today may be Halloween but tomorrow comes the start of something even more scary; NaNoWriMo. Whilst I have completed scripts in the past, which were all deleted due to them being bloody awful, I don’t count them towards this list item.

I have been wanting to write my current idea for a book over the last year and, since this is a place of honesty, I only got around to writing ~1000 words of the thing. Considering how NaNoWriMo (aka the insane challenge to write 50,000 words of a novel within the month of November) imposes certain time and word restrictions I figured that this would be the best way to actually get me to write the damned thing.

I know that this means that any attempt at a social life in November will be in the toilet since you need to complete ~1667 words a day to stay on track! This also means that during this month I will not be posting much on this blog minus some updates on how this book is going.

Any support would be greatly appreciated throughout this insane month of writing, especially since I am going to save any editing until after the month so I might end up with 50,000 words of absolute tripe. Wish me luck!!!


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