Oh Yea, I Forgot I’m A Coder

When I was writing my post for The BlueprintI realised that there was something that I put on my bucket list back when I left teaching and could have been crossed off 2-3 years ago.

List Item: Code something
Progress: Completed

It’s so weird to have this as a crossing off now because this is my job now. I code using SPSS, VBA in Excel and, occasionally R. I dabble in some Python every now and then, but it nearly always goes wrong so I really need to have time to actually improve on that.

So not only have I written lines of code, I have written it in multiple languages. I wonder what the me from back at the beginning of the blog would think of this. Hell, I wonder what my Computing teacher from 15 years ago would think of this. We did some Visual Basic coding back then, but because young, dumb me was so fixated on doing Psychology at university that I dropped coding when I entered the final years of school.

Part of me does wonder how different my life would be if I continued with coding at school. I was one of the best in my year too. It’s a regret for sure, but at least I am doing it now and I am continuing to grow.

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