Good Eatin’ – Zebra Biltong

List Item: Try as many of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die as possibleFood item: Zebra Biltong
Progress: 774/1001

So this has been sitting around for nearly two months since I received it as a Christmas present. I’ve been eyeing zebra biltong on a number of specialty sites as, in all honesty, I cannot foresee that I’ll be heading to this neck of the woods in the near future when there is still so much of East Asia to discover. Still, a big thanks to the hub for actually getting me some – especially for the minor bragging rights for being able to say that I’ve eaten zebra.

As someone who has never had regular biltong or any type of jerky, I wasn’t prepared for just how chewy this was. Sure, I’ve seen people eating it on TV and gotten the vague idea that this was tough (and I know that some people give it to children as they teethe), but this was a bit beyond.

When I had my first taste of this I was quite put off. I mean, not only did this feel like I was eating leather but it was also very gamy (although spices like coriander seed did help to offset this). However, very quickly I found myself grazing on these pieces of dried zebra. The gamy and savoury nature of the biltong with the chewiness makes for a good snack food and the more I ate it, the more I liked it.

In the future I might try some regular biltong instead of going for the unusual game varieties as a snack food – because of availability and price. As someone who chews on every pen he’s ever received, eating biltong is a weirdly satisfying experience.

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