Good Eatin’: Pre and Post-Slovenia

 List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books

This is pretty much a motley bunch of foods that I have managed to consume over a few weeks (due to work stresses and the like my pace of writing has begun to slow down a bit).

However, all of this just goes to show how lucky I am to live in a city where people of so many backgrounds call home. I mean, how boring would it be if it was just white British (says the guy marrying a Dutchman)? Very.

Food item: Injera

So, around the corner from where I work is a place called Startisans. It is brilliant. Essentially, it is an indoor area between Holborn and Covent Garden where there is a rotation of food vendors.

On this occasion there was an Ethiopian stall and I went for a complete mix of things topped off with injera – a spongy flatbread that is slightly sour and soaks up EVERYTHING. I may have gone back here the next week and had exactly the same thing again. Never really thought of Ethiopia as having a distinct cuisine. Always glad to be proven wrong.

Food items: Wontons, Prawn Wontons, Wonton Soup and Fortune Cookie

I know it’s weird, but I have taken the advice of a fortune cookie to an extreme before. Am I stupid or susceptible to desserts telling me what to do? Probably both if I am being honest.

If you are lucky enough to have a great Chinese takeaway nearby that also does wonton soup and are yet to take them up on their offer… just get some right now. There is something about these soft pork and shrimp parcels floating in a clear soup that makes everything okay.

Food items: Pecorino Romano and Penne all’Arrabbiata

I have to say that I might have found a new favourite cheese to grate onto the top of my pasta. I mean, pasta all’Arrabbiata is something that I have made a lot and it’s nice enough, but with the addition of this sharp, salty sheep’s cheese it was just a whole new experience. It really works well with the chilli in the pasta sauce.

To be honest, whilst I have made this before I cheated and used a pre-made sauce on this occasion. It wasn’t as good as when I usually make it but it was nice enough.

Food items: Dragon Fruit

After having to work on a Saturday my partner bought me a dragon fruit as a treat. To look at them they look like something that must have evolved during dinosaur times. Then you find out that they grow from a cactus and then suddenly it makes a whole lot of sense.

The taste is also explained from this fruit’s origins as part of a cactus. There is a subtle sweetness to the fruit and it is very refreshing even served straight from the fridge. That is about it for taste though, not really worth the premium paid for tropical fruits.

Food items: Pollo al Limone

I hear ‘lemon chicken’ and my thoughts instantly turn to Everybody Loves Raymond. How often was this being served to Ray? Probably once every 2-3 episodes. So when the office canteen had this on the menu (the book refers to both the European lemon chicken and the lemon chicken found at Chinese takeaways) I knew I had to try it.

Now, I don’t know if it was because it was from a work canteen (although ours is usually really good) the lemon chicken didn’t strike me as something that special. Maybe if this one had had a greater flavour of lemon I would have been turned around on the subject though.

Food items: Chicle Gum

I have been trying to find gum with chicle in it for a while. I got lucky after passing the Sweets from Heaven store off of Leicester Square and bought four such gumballs containing chicle for 40p. Bargain.

Now, I don’t know if it is me looking for difference, but as a compulsive gum chewer this is just normal gum.

Progress: 562/933


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