Good Eatin’: Oi Fish! Stop Staring At Me!

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Okay, so today is one of those great times that I am able to continue a longer goal whilst also finishing an item on my list. I didn’t even mean to buy fish today… it just happened when I saw it laying there at the fish counter in Morrison’s.

Food items: Crème Fraîche D’Isigny, Caperberry, Mustard Oil, Taro, Turbot

First let’s have a run down of the five items I managed to get done in one bumper meal with a lot of leftovers for tomorrow.

The crème fraîche D’Isigny and caperberries were both used to make a pasta salad that I found on the Tesco website. I know I was meant to use low-fat crème fraîche for this, but when there is a list food to be done… forget about it. The crème fraîche D’Isigny was incredibly rich with a refreshing sour edge and worked really well with the pasta salad. The caperberries, which I put in as a substitute for capers, are something I just like to snack on since they have the taste of capers, just bigger and with a crunch. Apparently the caperberries are good in a gin and tonic… I have no idea about this.

Next came the mustard oil and taro. I found a recipe for roasted eddoes and, since taro and eddoes are basically the same thing, I figured that I could take this and substitute in the mustard oil I recently bought for the general oil. Here’s the thing, I know there are issues with mustard oil; issues to the point that the USA won’t allow it to be sold for consumption due to alleged issues regarding heart health.

However, I figured a one time eating of this would be okay so I will be throwing away the bottle. It’s not as if I would eat it regularly anyway. It smells great when you open the bottle and it lent the taro a slight heat and a sweetness when I roasted them in it. The taro… was very similar to potato, just a bit nuttier and slippery when wet.

That leaves me with the turbot…

List item: Cook a whole fish
Progress: Completed

Right so, I have never cooked a whole fish. I have shied away from this for the reason you can see in the above picture, it feels like the fish is sad and is staring at me having resigned itself to its fate. I actually felt really weird having to slash the flesh and stuff it with herbs. So weird, that I covered the face with a slice of lemon so it would stop freakin’ staring at me with those weird flatfish eyes.

As you can see, I managed to actually cook it successfully with a recipe from Good Food (although I didn’t add the butter because I didn’t see the point). The turbot itself was an incredibly delicate white fish that managed to fall off the bone as I was carving it. I read in the book that you can eat the fins… I chose not to indulge as I could feel the head’s disapproval. Writing this a few hours later I am feeling some residual fish guilt…

Progress: 365/500

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