Good Eatin’: Emergency Box Lunch

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

One of the major benefits of a private sector job over a school job is that during the lunch hour I am now able to leave the immediate area. It’s a small thing but when a lot of things are happening at once and a bit of head-clearing is needed… it makes a nice difference.

Food Item: Kimchi and Gari

On a particularly hectic day an emergency box lunch was called for myself and my colleague Ben. This has come to mean Korean food and after only a month or two exposure to Korean food I am becoming a bit of a fan. A takeaway joint called Kimchee opened up on the Strand not too long ago (think Pret-A-Manger or Wasabi but with Korean food) and I went for one of their lunch boxes which, alongside rice, chicken and a few dumplings, contained some kimchi and grated gari.

This was my first proper portion of kimchi since everyone talks about it being a taste that requires getting used to… but as someone who has had sauerkraut in their life this wasn’t exactly a big leap for the tastebuds since it is, in essence, thickly cut sauerkraut that is spicy. Needless to say I am a fan. As for the gari? Well I have had a lot of this before when getting sushi… but never this pink before. I’m guessing beetroot juice was used to colour it or some E-number.

Anyway, so after this we felt the need for ice cream and dropped by Scoop just off of Covent Garden.

Food Item: Gelato

Here was my dilemma, we ate this on a warm July day (that’s how far in advance these food posts are now being written so I am not posting every day) and I had paid £4.50 for scoops of pistachio and stracciatella (my favourite flavours) gelato. It was melting quickly and I could either lose some gelato to the paving slabs or eat it as fast as I could. So I opted for the eating option since I was hot and tired at the time and really wanted the sugar.

A few bites in and I was taken back to a few summers ago when I was in Florence. Again, I was eating either pistachio or stracciatella flavoured gelato. I am glad in a way this is not as widely available in the UK as regular ice cream since I would end up eating a lot of it. The airiness just makes it a lot easier to eat plus the rules regarding ingredients end up in it being richer.

I was thinking if I go there again I might have some lemon sorbet for the food list… but I know I will be confronted with the flavours and go for old favourites again. Ah well.

 Progress: 124/500

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