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That Time I Got Married

I just want to start out by saying how strange it is to do a blog post about my wedding. I mean, as I am writing this it is two evenings after the event and I still do not have a lot of photos from the day (those will be retrofitted in). Anyway, let’s begin:

List Item: Make a will
Progress: Completed

Okay, I know this is a bit of a bait and switch. The thing is, the cold hard logic reason to get married is because of depressing reasons like wills. However, let’s not dwell on that and get to the real thing!

List Item: Be involved in a wedding (in any way)
Progress: Completed

List Item: Throw a party
Progress: Completed

This has been an almost 3-year-long engagement. My husband proposed to me on Christmas Day in 2012. During this time, I had a mental breakdown, we bought a flat…

List Item: Move house
Progress: Completed

…and we had to save up for both a wedding and a honeymoon. We actually started to look at booking a wedding about a year and a half in advance. Seeing how we are both fairly low maintenance in that respect and very well organised, I must say that all the work prior to the wedding has not exactly been too stressful for either of us. I guess that when no dress, make-up or flowers are involved, weddings can be rather simple.

List Item: Make a budget
Progress: Completed

The most stressful bit actually happened the day before the wedding when the cake delivery driver trying to deliver the cakes to the venue before it had opened. It all worked out fine though. The cheesecakes were delicious and beautifully presented.

Now, there is a big part of me that wants to write a blog post where I describe my wedding in the minutest of details. The thing is, I feel pictures explain things a whole lot better than words do. So I’ll let them do the talking and interject with some key things.

Song that we walked down the aisle: ‘Reprise’ from Spirited Away
Song that we concluded the ceremony with: ‘Everything Is Awesome’ from The Lego Movie

Food served at wedding ‘breakfast’: Burgers topped with gruyere, piri piri chicken, halloumi kebabs, celeriac coleslaw, salads and lemon tart
Wedding cake: 5 types of cheesecake

Song for the first dance: ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ by Father John Misty
Song I had the most fun dancing to: ‘Chicago’ by Sufjan Stevens with my mum
Amount of leftover food: Three meals worth
Day had: Perfect

To conclude, as I sit here writing this blog post (where I am so freaking excited about heading off to Japan in the morning for my dream holiday/honeymoon) I am still feeling so incredibly lucky. Lucky to have a husband who loves me as much as he does and who gets me totally. Lucky to have been able to fill a room with so many generous and amazing friends. And lucky to have an amazing mum who will dance merrily with me to Sufjan Steven’s ‘Chicago’. It was just one of those perfect days.

My Lego Centrepieces

Hello! It’s been a long month and a lot has happened! Well, I am writing this in the summer and can only now properly post these pictures since my (now) husband wanted me to keep these under wraps for the day of the wedding.

Well, I can post these pictures now.

List item: Build something truly awesome out of Lego
Status: Completed

Okay, so awesome is a pretty subjective. However, in my eyes these are pretty damned awesome so I consider this all ticked off. Especially since I designed all of them.

Totoro was the first that I designed. We figured that each table should have a Lego design that reflecting our interests. Since My Neighbour Totoro is one of my favourite films, and since I have a large plushie version sat opposite me a lot of the time I am on my laptop, it made sense to make one featuring him.

This penguin (based on Gunter from Adventure Time) was probably the easiest one to build of the designs. It used to be a bit more complex, but issues regarding the available shades of Lego bricks made me simplify this one a bit. Others were far more effected though. Despite being the easiest it still took the better part of an hour to build.

In order to make all of these we had to order 1300+ pieces of Lego. 400+ of these were just the black 1×1 pieces since they made up the outside of most of the outsides. The story is the same with this Lego Lego Batman. A lot of black being used here, but also the only use of the pale yellow.

Whilst all of the others had an original image that I pretty much copied from, this cat (and the below dragon) were ones that I designed using an amalgamation of different ones. Mainly because my original attempt at a cat design was pretty damned pitiful.

The issue with this cat is the tail; it snaps off rather easily when you carry the design around. We managed to avoid this when we put it on a resting board, but (like all of these) they were an absolute devil to get to the venue.

This dragon is, if you ask me, the best of the centrepieces. It was the last one that I designed and was the first one that was actually built. The dragon is an exception since it was not done after a shared interest in the way that the others were. This dragon was made in honour of our newborn niece – previously known as ‘draakje’ or ‘little dragon’ before the gender was known.

It was one of the more difficult to design and build, but it was definitely worth it. Well, all of them were worth it – but this is definitely my favourite.