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Good Eatin’: Feelin’ Fruity

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Since I have started reading the book before bed (I am currently in the middle of the fish section) I have begun to recognise food items that appear on the list without having to consult my phone. Considering how the book is arranged this means fruit have had a big advantage since they are the first chapter. They are also the section I am most interested in (other than the sweets obviously).

Food Item: Watermelon

Now if I had had my wherewithal this would have been part of a larger post about Korean food but I didn’t quite realise what I was eating was kimchi. This means no photo and no photo means I don’t consider it food canon, which is fine since I don’t mind eating kimchi again.

We went to a Korean place as part of a work lunch with a group of friends in the department. Whilst I have cooked food that has been described as Korean I have never actually been to a Korean restaurant and had it done “properly”.  Apart from a rather annoyed waiter it was a a really enjoyable lunch with great company. It also meant that I got to try my first ever watermelon slice; something that shocked other people. Thing is, I have had other melons before and not been a fan but this was sweet and refreshing. Maybe I’ll have to give melon a go again.

Food Item: Loquat

After my Banana Tree treat we dropped into Chinatown on the way home just to see if there was anything of interest. This meant that I was able to pick up some new fruit and use my Fortune Cat loyalty card for the first time (much to the bemused surprise of the cashier… must be one of the few white guys they’ve seen use it or something).

Apprently there is a debate whether to eat loquats them with the skin on or off so I chose to go skinless by biting and peeling. Not too sure what to think of these since there was such a variation in flavour between the three that I ate. The first was fairly watery and nondescript, the third had some flavour but aired on the side of sour and the middle one was deliciously sweet. So really… I don’t know.

Food Item: Muscat Grape

Waitrose had THE cherries I need for this list. But I could not justify buying a punnet of cherries for £5. Then I saw a small pack of one of THE grapes for under £1.50. Seemed like a good compromise to me.

Oh my god if these aren’t the best grapes that I have ever had. I was reluctant to share these since they were just so sweet. The comparison is made a lot in such food lists but think of a lychee and now cross it with a regular grape. Each bite was just a honeyed explosion and I am now probably ruined in terms of getting a normal bunch of grapes from the supermarket. So thanks a lot muscat grapes!

Progress: 78/500