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What’s On TV – Veronica Mars

List Item:  Watch half of the 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die
Progress: 206/501
Title: Veronica Mars
Episodes Aired: 64
Year(s): 2004-2007
Country: USA

The thing that I am loving most about the 1001 TV Shows list is that it has given me a greater sense of agency when it comes to watching the criminally long list of recommended shows. Veronica Mars has been on this list for a decade and, for whatever reason, I have never gotten around it. I guess this is the issue with living in this incredible age of television – unless you spend all day every day watching television, there is no way you can catch-up.

Well, I am glad that fate (and the random picking hat) gifted me the pick of Veronica Mars as this has been one of the more enjoyable watches I have done for this blog. That says a lot considering the number of things I have watched, read and listened to for the first time as part of my obsessive list completionism. Guess this speaks for the quality of Veronica Mars.

I’ve spoken in the past about something I expected to tick certain boxes and was left wanting (Middlemarch is something that immediately slips to mind). Going into Veronica Mars I had equally high expectations. You see – I love good neo-noir, TV series with a season long mystery and Kristen Bell… so I was expecting something that was a good bit of fun, but was somewhat hesitant because, after all, this is a show made by The WB.

Having finished the first season for this blog, I realise that I should have had more faith. A show like this (which is a teen procedural with a long-running plot thread) requires smart writing, good performance and twists that you don’t always see coming in order to break it out of the teenage audience and give it wider appeal. Veronica Mars succeeds on all counts and then some.

Whilst the whole show does not hang purely on Kristen Bell’s shoulders (as her father and Logan are both excellent), but it would have likely not have done anywhere near as well without her front and centre. Watching this it is little wonder that she has become the star she is not, nor is it surprising that her role get bigger and more interesting as the series goes on. They knew what they had and they were going to use it for all they got as, who knows, each season could have been their last.

So this adds yet another show to the backlog to be watched. Who knows when I’ll have time to finish this Cheers, Fringe, Roseanne, Eureka, As Time Goes By, The Bridge and Unit One.