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Graphic Content: V For Vendetta

List Item:  Read half of the 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die
Progress: 9/501
Title: V For Vendetta
Author: Alan Moore
 David Lloyd
Year: 1988-1989
Country: UK

Another comic down! I am still getting my husband through Gilmore Girls (for those in the know, we are at the episode where we first meet Jess <3), so looks like there will be no movement on that list for a while… good thing that I don’t exactly have a dearth of things to read/watch/listen to/eat.

Like most people reading V For Vendetta, I watched the movie first and have been meaning to read the source materials for a very long time. I mean, I even bought the graphic novel for my husband a few years ago and haven’t read it despite his recommendation.

Since I now know both the film and the book it is interesting to note some of the major changes. The most start being the central character of V. Hugo Weaving’s version in the film is relatable, fighting for the side of good and is strangely attractive. In the graphic novel… not as much. In fact, he’s pretty much a sociopath. I mean, when you think about what he does to Evey in that prison. Who does that!?

Don’t get me wrong. The government in the graphic novel are abhorrent. In fact, they are most definitely worse than the government in the film. However, V isn’t exactly a hero. He is more like the lesser of two evils so you DO support him. Then again, what have his actions left the English people with? In the film there is a definite conclusion and it is slightly uplifting, in the graphic novel it’s left completely open.

Depressing and intellectually stimulating – so basically the opposite of Winnie The Pooh.