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That Time When I Was On University Challenge

Okay so this happened a few years ago when, shockingly, I was at university. We taped this during my second year and it aired in my third year so…  I guess that would be a bucket list item.

unichallengeList Item: Appear on the television
Progress: Completed

Hard to believe that this was recorded five years ago but at the time (it MAY have changed since) we were amongst the youngest (if not the youngest) team to make it through to the television portion of University Challenge since three of us were 19 and our captain was 18 (she was, and still is, the youngest captain they’ve had)

This was actually the second time I had tried to make it onto the team for the University of York having made it to the final eight in the previous year which would have had an 18 year old me on television which would have been especially interesting. The selection process itself was a few stages with us having to beat out a lot of other teams to get those coveted places on television (which would be less coveted if the archaic practice of Oxford and Cambridge sending multiple teams ended). This included two sets of questions (one as a team and one done individually) and then a group interview.

I remember the day of the taping, I was so nervous. Well we all were. Having a dressing room opposite that of the guests for the Jeremy Kyle Show, whilst interesting, didn’t do anything to alleviate this. When it came to the actual show we were outclassed by St George’s, University of London and were, for the lack of a better word, crushed. I would mention how the average age of that team was over a decade more than ours but hey, it’s the luck of the draw.

At least I got the first question of our show correct; the answer was zombie.


We Do Need Yes Education!

As I write this I am a few hours away from a job interview and I need a distraction so I can let all the information I have just absorbed about digital advertising settle and coalesce into something more meaningful. So it’s probably a good idea to delve into my bucket list archives, pull out something at random and bastardize a well loved song refrain. (I now know, having inserted an earlier post which showcased my relative illiteracy, that I have a job so yay!)

I know that the whole “we don’t need no education” from ‘Another Brick In The Wall Part 2″ is a cheap shot but bad grammar annoys me…

List Item: Earn a degree
Progress: Bachelor’s in 2010, Postgraduate Qualification in 2012

Right, so I added this onto the bucket list back when I wanted it to be a list that I think everyone should follow. Whilst this list later mutated into something more personal I felt that once an item had been added into the draft list then it shouldn’t be removed.

degreesI am lucky to have had the chance to earn my undergraduate degree when I did. Granted I was one of the first years to have tuition fees but the three grand I had to pay truly pales in comparison to the amount students getting into further education nowadays have to pay. In fact I would have probably gone in for another Bachelors later in life (bragging rights… which is pathetic and cool at the same time admit it) but for the amounts that they expect students to pay? I don’t think so.

My undergraduate degree is in Psychology at the University of York, a place where I make an almost yearly pilgrimage back to because of the huge amount of memories. It’s become a bit of a cliché to look back at university and long for the days since, let’s be honest, large sections of it are stressful and fraught with bad decisions but.. it’s probably best summarized with the song below from the musical Avenue Q.

I mean as much as I would like to think going back to something like that would be along the lines of Community where I would probably be the highly strung Annie-type but not in the funny way more in the ‘get him away from me’ way.

Still, despite the cost of getting a degree it’s worth it in so many ways; especially for the sake of learning how to live away from home.