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XL Popcorn – The Wicker Man

List Item: Watch all of the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”
Progress: 824/1007Title: The Wicker Man
Director: Robin Hardy
Year: 1973
Country: UK

It’s a pity that the concluding scene The Wicker Man is so famous that I went in knowing the ending – the music video to Radiohead’s ‘Burn the Witch’ being the most blatant example. However, this is not your average horror film. Oh no, there are far too many musical numbers for that. Plus you have Christopher Lee in drag, which is something I never knew I wanted to see but am sure glad that I did.

The other thing that makes this debatable as a horror film was the lack of scares (although the idea of animals burning alive really made me uneasy). I guess that this would make this more of a mystery/thriller film, but who cares when The Wicker Man was one hell of an entertaining watch. One with a lot more complexity than I first expected or the gratuitous nudity would betray.

If you can watch this with the knowledge that this is not a captial H horror film (and without the knowledge of some of the twisty bits), then I think this is one of those definite must watches for the sheet fact that I haven’t seen a film quite like this one. Especially one where, and this might be due to time passing, the protagonist isn’t all too lovable either. Sure, he is there to solve a disappearance of a child – but he is so sanctimonious and really should have been a missionary rather than a policeman.