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Acclaimed Albums – The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 75/250

Title: Is This It
Artist: The Strokes
Title: Franz Ferdinand
Artist: Franz Ferdinand
Year: 2004
Position: #192

A welcome return to albums that are not only more recent but also ones that I already knew and liked.

I am aware I have not done an album pair by unrelated artists for a while. This actually started with me making initial notes on Is This It and how I first started listening to it. The thing is, that these two albums are tied together in terms of my music listening history so I figured why not speed things up and do them both together.

So yes,  with all things ‘non-pop’ music I was late to the party with Is This It. I was 11 when it was released and, to put this into a personal context, this was the year Steps broke my heart by splitting up. Oh dear.

Franz Ferdinand, on the other hand, I was very much there with them at the time. I was 14 and I had started to look further afield than just pop for my listening. The likes of Garbage, Coldplay and Massive Attack had begun to be played alongside my more regular music. So I decided that I would give Franz Ferdinand after they had won the Mercury Prize. It also helped that a guy at school that I had a major crush on kept talking about this album… so I listened to it so we would have something to talk about (we never did and he turned out to be a bit of a dick, so no harm no foul there).

Despite the fact that we never actually talked about it Franz Ferdinand ended up being one of those gateway albums that further widened my musical tastes. ‘Come on Home’ remains one of my favourite songs, ranking #73 on the list I made at the end of last year for favourite songs from the last 15 years. I still have some memories playing Singstar and us all taking it in turns singing ‘Take Me Out’ .

So yes, 3 years later I was in my first year of university and after not having played Franz Ferdinand for a while I started to to listen to it again and start listening to it again. This started to get me back into more rocky music where folk and more alternative music had started to take hold.

So yes, I started listening to Is This It and I have been revisiting it every now and then ever since. Usually a few months before or after a White Stripes run. To be honest, after my first listen to Is This It the sudden emergence of music made by skinny guys with guitars made SO much sense. Poor Alice Deejay probably never saw that coming.