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What’s On TV – The Great British Bake Off

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Title: The Great British Bake Off
Episodes Aired: 64
Episodes Watched: 30
Year(s): 2010-
Country: UK

On paper this show should have been awful. A competitive baking competition between amateur bakers from around the UK. By no reckoning of the imagination should this have become the most watched show on British TV. Yet it did, and as a show it’s pretty damned magical.

I had resisted the world of Bake Off for many a year for one reason: it sounded lame. It wasn’t until a colleague of mine basically berated me for not watching it that I gave it a go. So an addiction was born and I have demolished Series 4, 6 and 7. Much like the cakes they are baking, this is a show that is hard to not finish once you have started it.

Now, by the time this post goes out a lot of the news items about Bake Off’s move away from the BBC will have died down. It’s more than a shame that this show has essentially been gutted, but we’ll just have to find that next piece of TV addiction.

Since I now have the TV podcast these particular write-ups are going to be brief.

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