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Listening To Your Heroes

List Item: See your favourite singer live
Progress: Completed

The identity of my ‘favourite singer’ has changed a number of times as my musical taste has developed since I first took proper notice at the age of eight. Before the music I listened to was more based on what I heard either of my parents playing, liking it and then running with it. This would go a long way to explain why a five year old boy became mildly obsessed with Enya and The Human League (thanks to my mother and father respectively).

In 1998 I started to develop my own separate taste which centred around pop (much like it does now) with my first favourite bands being B*Witched and Steps. Both of which I actually got to see before they split (and how luck was I to see both Daphne & Celeste and Atomic Kitten as supports…). I still have the programmes lying around in a box somewhere.

Anyway, neither of those bands feature in my current list of favourites. Nowhere near the Top 100 to be honest. That is a battle now played out between Bjork and Sufjan Stevens; two singers who are rather different from each other and that I am lucky to have seen. Rather than taking pictures of gigs I actually choose to enjoy them and buy the souvenir T-shirt afterwards.

So, whilst I am waiting for them both to tour again (now I have the free time to see them) I can recall the amazing times I spent with my musical heroes (Bjork and Sufjan not Steps and B*Witched).