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Around The World In 100 Films – Catch-Up

100WorldFilms - Catch-UpList Item: Watch films from 100 different nations
Progress: 37/100

Okay, so as with yesterday when I decided to change a bit of the rules when it came to the gaming I am doing the same with the films from 100 nations challenge.

So I have now altered the map to show this fact and thus the following countries have now been ticked off:

30. Austria – Die Fälscher (The Counterfeiters)
31. China – Dà Hóng Dēnglóng Gāogāo Guà (Raise The Red Lantern)
32. Iceland – Mýrin (Jar City)
33. Iran – Offside
34. Israel – Bikur Ha-Tizmoret (The Band’s Visit)
35. Mexico – Y Tu Mamá También
36. South Africa – Tsotsi
37. Romania – 4 luni, 3 săptămâni și 2 zile (4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days)