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Why Yes, I Am Half Bird With A Pet Leopard

List item: Play a desktop role playing game
Progress: Completed

One of the (many) big pluses of having a geeky partner is that we support each other in our displays of geekiness. Playing a game along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons was one of the early features on my list  He plays these games with guys at his work and so I have now be let in on one of the games. The game itself is Pathfinder, which is based on a previous version of Dungeons and Dragons. Something that means I am able to get the experience I wanted.

As you can see in the picture at the top I even have my own character sheet, where I have chosen to be a tengu hunter (ergo the reference to being half bird) with a pet leopard.

The game itself was the start of a proper campaign run by a guy my partner works with, the great thing about this being that after 8 hours of playing off and on we are still in the very early stages. To be honest when we started I was a bit hesitant and slightly daunted by the sheer quantity of dice on the table, I mean there was even a 100-faced dice (essentially a ball with dimples in it that don’t quite line up with t he numbers).

I kinda made up for this (I believe) by making Kool-Aid, preparing some snacks and eventually ordering pizza for dinner (my diet took a day off). Then again, as we got further into the game I warmed up a bit more and felt more able to contribute. I also started to mentally picture things a bit better and tried to think what my half-crow hunter would do. It involved at one point sending out a leopard to jump on someone until they woke up… so there is still a lot of me there.

It took a while for this game to come together, and I have come away from it wanting more. The chance to be creative in such a ‘simple’ way that is so utterly social. It was also tiring and I started to get so into it that when I had a shower later that night I felt hesitant to open the curtain in case there was a zombie, with their heart burned out, poised and ready to attack me like in the game.