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Good Eatin’: A Trip To Borough Market

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

There is nothing like a trip to Borough Market. The smell of all the different cuisines coming together, the throngs of people, the vibrant colours of the fruit and vegetable stalls. It is the perfect place to find some of the more unusual items on the food list… but first a spot of breakfast.

Food: Sauerkraut

Nothing  is quite like the taste of a proper German frankfurter topped with mustard and sauerkraut. The sourness and slight sweetness of the pickled cabbage works well with the mild heat of the mustard. This particular sauerkraut also had the slight herby edge that comes from the use of juniper berries. However, the saltiness left me parched, luckily there are a number of juice stands nearby.

Food: Blood Orange

I had never tasted blood orange before but I have to say that it was different than I had expected. There is a strong citrus taste as you would expect from an orange but there was something else as well. It was not as sour as I had expected, in fact there was a note of berry-like sweetness. The internet likens it to a raspberry and I am inclined to agree with them since it did have the tartness.

After some food and drink I made a number of purchases which included two rather exotic and seasonal fruit: Rambutan and Mangosteen (which to me sound like characters from Hamlet).

Food: Rambutan

This is a fruit that is closely related to the lychee; something you can tell as you cut it open and the smell beneath the hairy shell hits you. Due to the distance this little fruit has had to travel to get to my chopping board here it’s little wonder that the outside has begun to dry out. The fruit itself tasted very much like a lychee but one this that I noticed was the taste of the seed; something of a bitter white chocolate. Very odd.

Food: Mangosteen

Known to some as the “Queen of Fruit” due to a, probably apocryphal, story of Queen Victoria offering £100 to someone who could bring her back an intact mangosteen this fruit is bloody expensive at £1.95 for something the size of a satsuma.  The taste was refreshing and, in my opinion, began having an undercurrent of banana and then the longer it was on your tongue that beginning taste was replaced with a sweeter one.

All in all, a successful trip to Borough Market.

Progress: 6/500