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šŸŽ»ā™«ā™Ŗ – Motets by Orlande de Lassus

List Item: Listen toĀ half of theĀ 1001 Classical Works You Must HearĀ Before You Die
Ā 38/501Title:Ā Motets
Composer: Orlande de Lassus
Nationality: Franco-Flemish

So, it would seem that this set of works from Orlande de Lassus (whose nationality is rather complex thanks to how often borders have shifted in the last 500 years) will be the last set of motets that I will be listening to for the sake of this list.

Thing is… these just felt like the other motets that I have listened to for this list so far. If you you read around aboutĀ Orlande de Lassus liked to do different things with his compositions. However, I couldn’t really get any of these in the collection of motets that were highlighted by the book.

In the end, I guess that I don’t know enough about motets to get some of the weirder stuff that de Lassus was doing here. Considering just how long motets had been around at the time of these being written it makes perfect sense that someone has tried to play with the format. Retrospectively, I guess I can see some of it… or I’ll just take the word of the internet at this point.

In other exciting news for this list – due to how much I enjoyedĀ The Sleeping Beauty,Ā I booked tickets to seeĀ SalomeĀ live in a few months time. This will be my third opera I’ve ever seen, so I cannot help but wonder if I’ll enjoy it (likeĀ Manon) or not (likeĀ La Traviata).