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Good Eatin’ – Myoga Sunomono

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There were many souvenirs that I brought back from Singapore, but when I ran into a small pack of myoga in a supermarket on Orchard Street it was into the suitcase with the hope that it would last the trip home. The hope was that I would be able to make this a double ginger post but, regrettably, this was dead on arrival. Still, I have the myoga!

Myoga isn’t something that I have ever seen in the UK so I am really excited to be making something with this. With these three bulbs in the pack I have decided that I will be trying one of them raw in a salad and the other two will be pickled at a later date.

As the salad I went with a recipe for a Myoga and Cucumber Sunomono that I found on Cookmap. As a salad, this is a basic idea where thinly sliced vegetables are mixed with vinegar – so I thought that something simple would be well placed to showcase the taste of myoga.

It makes a lot of sense that myoga has the alternate name of ‘Japanese ginger’ –  there is the slight earthy heat that you would expect from regular ginger but it’s no where near as intense. As someone that doesn’t like a strong ginger taste, the myoga is pretty much the right level of ginger heat for my palate and doesn’t overpower the mildness of the cucumber and the sweet vinegar dressing.

Another thing that I really appreciate about the myoga is that it has a pleasing crunch. This crunch means that, in terms of both flavour and texture, it really is an excellent partner for the cucumber.

This really is one of those plants that I think could do well in the UK and be one of those next big imports. We just need someone to champion it, grow it and convince the masses that this could be the next ‘in thing’.