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Acclaimed Albums – My Aim Is True & This Year’s Model by Elvis Costello

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 91/250

MyAim_isTrue Elvis-Costello-This-Years-Model
Title: My Aim Is True
Artist: Elvis Costello
Year: 1977
Title: This Year’s Model
Artist: Elvis Costello
Year: 1978
Position: #82

Continuing on with my attempt to get through these albums quicker today’s look is at the two Elvis Costello within the Top 250 – which are, probably unsurprisingly, his first two. It’s a bit of a difference compared to the last albums post where I finished off the Björk albums.

Prior to these albums, the only exposure that I am aware of having of Elvis Costello was in the second Austin Powers movie. That duet he did with Burt Bacharach coloured my image somewhat. I looked at the covers of My Aim Is True and This Year’s Model and I thought he looked like a bit of a twit. Quite cute, but a bit of a twit.

I am not ashamed to admit that I was completely wrong in this. Yes, he may have gone into luvvie territory, but he is not the Cliff Richard type that I expected him to be (although I got worried at the beginning of ‘The Beat’ from This Year’s Model).

He’s punky, he’s new wave, he’s pretty much in the same general area as Blondie in Parallel Lines and the music goes obscenely well with cat gifs.

Of the two albums, I have to say that I do have a preference to This Year’s Model compared to My Aim Is True. Thinking about it, this is one of the few times where I actually have agreed with the comparison of two albums within the list. Why? Maybe it’s because it features the lesser number of slow songs and just feels more confident. Both are very good albums though.