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Good Eatin’: Mooncake

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

So, since I made my original statement of intent to eat half of the items I have become quite a bit obsessed with this. Where normal people might read a magazine or a John Grisham novel in bed I have been reading this book.

A number of these are going to be easy items to tick off so they are going to be short. This, however, was the product of a search around Chinatown since this is usually an autumn food item. Still, I found a bakery that made miniature ones so I got them there.

Mooncake can have a number of fillings. This one that I got in Chinatown had a sweet red bean paste and it was incredibly dense. The pastry smelled great (might be because it probably contained lard) and reminded me a bit of a sweeter version of pork pie. Never EVER a bad thing.

Would I have a mooncake again? Probably not this variety, but if I can find one of the lotus bean paste ones with an egg inside I might have a slide.