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Level One – Minecraft

As part of the New Year’s 2018 update of PlayThatGame’s list, one of the games I’ve played fell out of the Top 100… so the numbers have been adjusted from here on out.

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 76/100Title: Minecraft
Developer: Mojang
Original Platform: PC
Year: 2011

Right so I originally crossed this off of the video games list back in 2014, but I probably spent a few hours playing this (whilst listening to the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast) and figured that was enough. However, after a recent(ish) visit to the in-laws my hub and I decided it would be worth us setting up our own Minecraft server and giving it a proper go in co-op mod.

Given my ever present fear of zombies, we decided that we would play it on peaceful mode. However, we wanted to still play it properly so we set it to Adventure Mode rather than Sandbox. So this means we don’t get attacked by random creatures, but we also have to craft and mine like with a regular game.

And so an addiction has been born. So far we’ve built bridges, houses and watch towers together. We’ve farmed spruce trees, sugar, wheat and obsidian (unsuccessfully). We’ve died a number of times falling into ravines and lava as well as off of one of my watch towers. So many times we have stayed up a bit too late on a weeknight as we try and finish off our latest construction project or mining attempt.

We’re still in the middle of making a mansion (although I have already completed a rather nice looking stable for our two riding horses) and I can how this may be one of those games (much like Skyrim) where we end up doing a lot of hours just wandering around to see what we can see. After all, I still haven’t seen an ice or a dessert biome (although I have been lucky to see the mushroom forest).

I really love this game.

Level One: Playing Catch Up

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 73/100

Okay, so the way that I have been doing this is that if I was publishing these in tandem with my gaming blog whether or not I had already played them. The issue here is that we are so ahead in playing those games that the time between actually playing some of these and doing this write-up so they coincide is feeling a bit vast.

Therefore, below will a full catch-up to where I really am in this list:

Pokémon series (#41): I have a truly complicated relationship with these games. Over the years I have owned Blue, Silver, Sapphie, Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold, White, White 2, X and (probably by the time of writing) AlphaSapphire so it is obvious that I am a big fan of the games. I love the monsters, the game play and the fact that there are so many people out there that take it waaaay to seriously.

Yoshi series (#48): I have only played Yoshi’s Island here but that is regarded by many as the best in the series so I guess this was the ideal choice. Despite the cutesy appearance this platformer is incredibly unforgiving… but you can forgive it that since Yoshi himself is adorable and the game is highly addictive.

Donkey Kong series (#77): Okay, now what gamer has not played the original Donkey Kong at some point in their lives? I first played it on a keychain which acted a bit like a Game and Watch. I still have it somewhere but it needs a new battery.

Chrono Trigger (#2): Truly, this is one of the most engrossing role-playing games that I have ever played. It is a games that many have taken things from and yet it feels original and still plays exceptionally well over 20 years after being released. There are a number of re-vamps available, including the DS one which is where I experienced it.

Marvel Vs. Capcom series (#63): I currently own the third iteration of the series on the Playstation 3 and I have to say that I really do prefer the likes of Tekken or SoulCalibur when it comes to my fighter games. It’s a little bit too manic button pushing for me… but I still play it for the wide range of characters. But I wish I had waited for the Ultimate edition so I could fight people as Phoenix Wright.

Red Dead Redemption (#12): Ah Rockstar, you did it again with Red Dead Redemption. One of the best games I have ever played and that is mainly due to the incredible sense of freedom you feel whilst riding through the open world. It’s a game which made me realise how you can get stupidly attached to things of little consequence. Casing point: when the horse I had been using for 8 hours of gameplay was randomly attacked and killed by a mountain lion I actually felt bereft.

Metroid Prime series (#19): I own the Wii-make of this trilogy but originally played the first Metroid Prime when it came out on the Gamecube. I really regret trading it in (since I found it really difficult) as the Wiimote controls are not as accurate as the Gamecube controller… maybe I’ll re-get the original if it isn’t too much money.

Minecraft (#91): Since I am such a chicken shit when it comes to survival horror games I have to play this with the creepers turned off since they actually make me jump/wince/want to cry. I have gotten lost in this world for hours and even used it as a way to plan out how we were to arrange the furniture in out new place.

I feel a LOT better after doing this. It does mean I may have to find a new list to act as a way to extend this but… I am currently working on my own formula for that so watch this space.