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Acclaimed Albums – Metal Box by Public Image Ltd.

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 247/250Title: Metal Box
Artist: Public Image Ltd.
Year: 1979
Position: #244

I should have learned by now that just because I am not the biggest fan of an individual, does not mean I will dislike their music. Sure that rule works sometimes, but as Yeezus went a long way to prove, I have been trying to get over this and appreciate the music for what it is.

Metal Box is another example of where my thinking John Lydon is a bit of a weenie (this opinion mostly taken from seeing him on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here and seeing him be a complete ass) doesn’t mean I can’t like the music. I mean, this is an album I avoided a long time because I had it in my head that this would just be more of a Sex Pistols retread, but with Lydon at the helm.

So many times these assumptions have been shown to be utterly false. The only thing that Metal Box has in common with The Sex Pistols is a singer and a bit of punk. However, this is the territory of post-punk where – at least in this album – there has been the incorporation of some reggae influence. It makes for a sound that, at least back then, will have been very experimental and I can see influenced a number of post-punk acts that followed on.

It’s a good album. Not one that I would normally reach for because I am not the biggest fan of things that are too ska/dub sounding – but I was pleasantly surprised by this. He’s a complex person, as we all are, but at least I can see something in the music he made.

Another decade down for the Top 250. The decade that happens to have made up the largest section of the list and has given me some great listens and some pretty bad ones. Just three more left and then I get to open the list up to the Top 1000… where the 1970s are similarly over-represented with around a quarter of the whole entries.