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Graphic Content – Squeak the Mouse

List Item:  Read half of the 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die
33/501Title: Squeak the Mouse
Creator: Massimo Mattioli
Year: 1980-1992
Country: Italy

Of all the comics in the list this is the one that grabbed my husbands interest. Okay sure, I mean how many comics do you come across that inspired Itchy and Scratchy?

Squeak the Mouse is one of those comics that you do not want to be reading on the train to work. When we first looked this up it was pitched as a violent take on Tom and Jerry as a comic. With that, I am on board. I was similarly on board with the idea of the cat managing to kill the mouse, only for the mouse to come back as a zombie and kill a bunch of other cats.

But then there’s the cat and mouse penises and vaginas. That is not something I expected. I especially did not expect the orgy sequences. It feels as graphic (or possibly even more graphic) than Fritz the Catwhich is not something I thought I would be saying about another comic featuring animals.

At only two volumes Squeak the Mouse is an interesting read. Especially if you always felt sorry for Tom not being able to catch Jerry – or like weird cartoon violence. Just make sure you do it at home because you will get weird looks on the train as you quickly flick through parts featuring mouse orgies…