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What’s On TV – Lost

List Item:  Watch half of the 1001 TV Series You Must Watch Before You Die
Progress: 245/501
Title: Lost
Episodes Aired: 121
Year(s): 2004-2010
Country: USA

17 years ago, Lost first aired on Channel 4 in the UK as a simulcast with ABC in the USA. There was a rave review for it in the Metro, so I decided to start watching it. A few months later, I stopped watching because it just didn’t click for me – even though the pilot was excellent. In the years since, I started regretting this and so added it to my ‘to watch’ list which just kept growing and growing.

Well, the series has since ended. Like pretty much everyone on the internet, I know how it ended and how the whole resolution was a bit of a… well in the end it’s the kind of series where without the week-on-week mystery it becomes something that needs to be about ‘the friends we made along the way’.

Still though, there was a lot of pressure on this series and it was one of those on the 1001 list that I was most looking forward to seeing. Off the top of my head, Buffy is probably the main series that eclipsed it.

Now here I am, a second attempt under my belt and a second time where I have since given up on Lost. I lasted longer though and set a goal for what was meant to be the episode where the whole thing pivots. I mean, waiting for that episode worked for The Vampire Diaries… and I was really hoping it would again. It didn’t and it’s possibly the most disappointed I have been in my relationship to a TV show.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things about this show I liked. There are characters like Sun, Jin and Charlie that I really warmed to and I do like the idea of mysteries like the numbers, time travel and the alternate flash-sideways universe. However, it feels like for every moment that hits there are plenty more that miss and plenty of characters that I really wish didn’t get so much screen time – like Jack and Kate.

The pilot was still brilliant and this show had shining moments, but given how many other things I want to watch and how many hidden treasures I have yet to see (like how, recently, I binged and loved Wonder Showzen which was a random show to watch) life is too short. I feel that if a show like this doesn’t grab me on two attempts, it’s time to let it go.