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Good Eatin’: Cheese and Liqourice

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

Remember how I had a bit of a drive to get more fish eaten for the list since I feared it would end up falling behind? Well I looked away for one second to see that suddenly I was behind on ‘dairy’ which means a cheese drive. Not that I am complaining. I like cheese… but not sure if I am going to find myself near any Sardinian maggot cheese any time soon.

  Food Item: Cheddar

How shameful to be English and only get round to covering cheddar this late in the game. I know, I am dissapointed with myself too… especially since cheddar cheese and Marmite is one of my favourite sandwiches. Whilst this list does not specify a region of cheddar (seeing how cheddaring refers to the process which is carried out in multiple countries) I wanted to stay English with this, and so Cathedral City cheddar was the way to go. I prefer my cheddar more mature than the one I had here since it stands up better to a thick layer of Marmite, but who can be asked to slice a block of cheese at 7am in the morning? Not me that’s for damned sure.

Food Item: Taleggio

Considering this had a rather strong smell when I unwrapped it I was surprised just how mild this Italian cheese was. We had this accompanied with some mortadella and I really expected it to hold its own compared to the sausage, I was mistaken. With an edge of sweetness and a bit of nuttiness I can see this as being a great cheese in salads or with crackers as part of a cheese plate. It makes for a nice change from more easy-to-find soft cheeses like Brie… I still prefer Camberzola though. That was just… gorgeous.

Food Item: Liquorice Drop

Drop has a long history in my relationship with my partner seeing how it is Dutch and something he really loves. Whenever we return from a visit to the Netherlands there are usually two large cones of confectionery (not all drop, I manage to get some Haribo frogs in there too) since the liqourice you get in the UK is nothing like those you get in the Netherlands.

Therefore, when Dutch chain Hema opened their first UK store in London Victoria we had to make, what is essentially, a pilgrimage to explore the Dutch food and other wares at the store. Now, by the time this post comes out a bigger and more local Hema store will have opened. They still won’t be selling the rookwurst I like but hey at least there is now affordable dropfruitjes and paprika crisps. Little victories.

 Progress: 115/500