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Good Eatin’: Indian Sweet Shop

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

So, once again our friends Luke & Lottie were down for the weekend which meant one thing, I finally had the opportunity to visit Ambala (an Indian sweet shop a few minutes walk from Euston train station). I have been wanting to visit for about two months after I found out, from their website, they stocked three of the sweets on the list. Brilliantly, they actually did and the man behind the counter looked slightly taken aback when I reeled off the names of these like I knew what I wanted. The idea was for the four of these to eat them together… but that didn’t happen in the end.

Food item: Gebert Macaron

We did, however, pass a Patisserie Valerie where I was able to buy some macarons. The name made it sound like it would be hard to get… but no it’s actually a fancier name for a more general style of French macaron. The shell had an almost meringue-like consistency but there was a nuttiness to it as well. The centre of the lemon flavoured one had a good zing to it whilst the pistachio one did not have strong a taste, but had more of a nutty baseline.

Food items: Kaju Katli, Habshi Halwa, Pista Burfi

I think I love Ambala. This was a lot of massive looking sweets and it only cost £6, plus the cardboard box we got it in was pretty attractive.

Kaju Katli (the beige one) – This is the only one of the three that does not have much of a smell. The texture was fudgy with small not-quite-ground pieces of cashew nut seemingly binding it together. There is something quite syrupy to the taste. In essence it is cashew butter made into fudge. Not a bad thing in the slightest, and the slight aftertaste of condensed milk was welcome.

Habshi Halwa (the brown one) – This smelt a bit like a flapjack… which made me dive right into the sweet. It is really sticky to the point that it is hard to pull apart. Eating this I immediately thought back to the dulce de leche I had eaten a month or so previously. There was the same mix of caramel and milk flavours. This also had the addition of nuts which added some crunch… but overall this was stodgy and delicious. My favourite of the three.

Pista Burfi (the green one) –  The strongest smell of the bunch, more along the lines of sweetened milk. Like the kaju katli this was very fudgey to the point that there was an audible ripping noise as it was pulled apart. Upon eating there is the immediate rush of a sweetened milk taste. Once this had dissipated you were able to get the hints of pistachio… a flavour that only became dominant once it had been swallowed.

Progress: 347/500