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Goal Change – Food List

It has been little over a year since I started my food challenge and, I have to say, that I have enjoyed doing this so much. I mean, I have managed to get to 367 eaten and written about and despite my thoughts that it would have slowed down by now it really hasn’t by too much. 


The thing is, that these are ingredients and I am as much interested in actual meals that I should try as I am the individual ingredients. This is why, like I have done with the film list, I am expanding my food list to include those found in the above book.

Now, the way that this will be working is that I have firstly taken out any duplicate items, thus lowering this from an extra 1001 to an extra 865. I will also be linking back to anything I inadvertently did as part of the other food challenge whether it be their more general inclusion of ‘olives’ or the ‘cod cheeks’ I ate in the Netherlands in the form of ‘kibbeling’.

This list does have the disadvantage of including alcohol, but even though I choose not to drink these are things that are seen as essential, so why not have a try of these.

In any case, I  will still be going for the half-way point for now, it’s just that this will now take longer and I will be celebrating this new list with the eating of a new addition.

Food item: Jaffa Cakes

List Item: Try half of the combined 1001 food books
Progress: 441/933