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Level One – Half-Life 2

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 73/100Title: Half-Life 2
Developer: Valve
Original Platform: PC
Year: 2004

So much has been said about Half-Life 2 and the public’s thirst for Half-Life 2 Episode 3 and Half-Life 3. Going into this game (which is ranked at #5 on Play That Game) there was a lot of expectation, although probably a bit less than it could have been since I didn’t completely get on with the original Half-Life.

I think it’s a well known sentiment that Half-Life 2 is head and shoulders above the original. The only thing I had a real issue with, that I didn’t have before, was the brightness. I had to up the brightness on the game, had to play with TV settings and close the curtains before I could see what I was doing. This appears to be an issue with the console port as the hub was fine playing on the PC.

Still, with the exception of that it this was more enjoyable to play. However, thanks to my phobia of zombies, I was unable to continue playing it myself once I reached Ravenholm. So, I had to switch to a Let’s Play to see more of the game and the many uses of the gravity gun (seriously, why did this have to go all Resident Evil on me – I would have enjoyed hurling circular saws at enemy soldiers).

So what did I enjoy most about Half-Life 2? Well, aside from D0g it has to be the puzzles. It makes sense that they made good use of gaming physics seeing how Valve is the company behind the Portal games. It wasn’t always perfect, sometimes it was difficult for me to jump out of the water because of the buoyancy physics, but when they worked some of them were ingenious.

A lot has to be said for the sheer variety in this game. Puzzle elements, some survival horror, boats, cars and a lot of different weapons to change things up. The one-shot kill crossbow and the gravity gun are especially fun, mainly because Valve put in such little quirks like covering enemies in paint when you throw a paint can at them. It’s a small touch, but very much appreciated.

You have to give Valve so much credit for this game. The environments they created still look great some 14 years later and the leaps they made in this and other titles from The Orange Box have really shaped games released afterwards. I wish I was less jumpy with video games as I feel I have missed out on something, but thanks to Let’s Plays I was still able to find a lot of enjoyment even if it wasn’t me having the encounters with G-Man.