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Time To Get This Arse Into Shape

List item: Be considered your BMI ideal weight for at least a month
Progress: Joined a gym

I woke up this morning a day after showing this blog to some mate’s at my best friend’s birthday party and they were really cool and we talked about how we could do certain items together and found an interesting item from Groupon. A lot of money off of an amazing sounding session of Zorbing (something on my list) and figured that it was some sort of serendipity until I saw the weight limit: 15.5 stone.

Here’s the thing, as a 6’3” tall guy I naturally carry more weight but I have not been in the BMI ideal limit since just before I joined primary school. After this I just ballooned and at the age of 8 (when I was first made properly aware of what a whale I was) I embarked on 16 years of diets and general failure at weight loss. I got really close to reaching BMI ideal 3 years ago but then I became depressed due to no one hiring me and suddenly 5 stone found themselves around my body and there they have stayed.

I know that if I am going to be allowed to do a number of bucket list items I need to shift a fair bit of weight, let alone reaching the ideal weight for my height. However, due to having a weak back (thanks again cab driver) and the jogging not being good for my knees (…how old am I again?) the exercises currently open to me aren’t exactly vast.

Since I have been trying to get to my ideal weight for 14 years I am really hoping this will be the last time and there are two new things that have entered my life.

1) This blog should be able to keep me honest if I keep to monthly updates where I have to include how far I have to go until I can start the month long countdown to complete it.

2) This is the big one since I actually joined a gym. Now, I have a thing about looking like a beetroot slowing boiling in its own juices but it’s something to just get over so I don’t, one day, eat myself to death.

So, help me gym membership card, you’re my only hope.


Starting (and Current) Weight: 19st 1lb
Goal Weight: 14st 3lb