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Level One: Playing the 100 Best Video Games

Now here is an item where being part of a long running gaming blog will give forth its fruit. I mean… look at this amazing treasure trove of games!

The search for a good list of the 100 best computer games lead me to many different sites. The fact that there is no TSPDT or Acclaimed Music for games is rather telling (and makes me wish I could come up with the code to start my own). Failing to find this I happened up this post made by the people of Gamesradar earlier this month and saw it as a sign.

One reason that this list appeals is that games are grouped by franchise which stops series such as Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda and Mario from over populating it. So I now have a list… how many have I played?

List Item: Play 100 of the greatest computer games
Progress: 52/100

Well, instead of giving a long ramble about every game on the list I have already played what I am going to do is list them (in order according to the Gamesradar list) and link them to Pong and Beyond (in the case of multiples I will link to the game I liked most).

#1 – Portal series
#3 – Metroid (2D series)
#4 – Shadow of the Colossus
#5 – The Legend of Zelda (3D Series)
#6 – Bioshock series
#7 – Mario (2D series)
#10 – World of Warcraft
#11 – Mass Effect series
#13 – Mario (3D series)
#16 – Half-Life series
#17 – Tomb Raider series
#18 – Team Fortress 2
#23 – Metal Gear Solid series
#24 – Street Fighter series
#28 – Grand Theft Auto series
#29 – Call of Duty series
#30 – Resident Evil series
#32 – Assassin’s Creed series
#34 – Super Smash Bros. series
#35 – Castlevania series
#36 – Rock Band series
#37 –  Braid
#38 – Halo series
#43 – Civilization series
#44 – Burnout series
#46 – The Witcher series
#47 – Final Fantasy (3D series)
#50 – Advance Wars series
#51 – Mario Kart series
#55 – Warcraft series
#59 – Star Wars: KOTOR series
#60 – Okami
#61 – Sonic the Hedgehog (2D series)
#62 – Gears of War series
#65 – Dead Space series
#68 – Planescape: Torment
#69 – Saints Row series
#71 – Star Fox 64
#72 – Fallout series
#79 – Grim Fandango
#80 – Far Cry series
#81 – Bayonetta
#82 – Bomberman series
#84 – Mario (RPGs)
#85 – Virtua Fighter series
#89 – Worms series
#90 – Left 4 Dead series
#92 – The Sims series
#93 – Tony Hawk Pro Skater series
#96 – Pac-Man series
#98 – Lumines series
#100 – Max Payne series

Also, since I do a blog on this, I think it’s safe to also add this (I also recently finished playing South Park: The Stick Of Truth.

 List Item: Complete a computer game
Progress: Completed

Not My First Foray Into The Blogosphere

List Item: Start a blog
Progress: Completed

Whilst I would not exactly call myself an experienced blogger, whatever that means, this bucket list blog is not exactly the first blog that I have created.

Alongside this new one I regularly contribute to a video gaming called Pong and Beyond. The idea here was one that came on a walk with my fiancée where, having purchased the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, I joked that we should try to play our way through them. Two and a half years later this blog now has its own domain that we purchased and we are still regularly updating it. This blog will be a reference point for a bucket list item later on, I’ll get to writing that up at some point.

Pong and Beyond, however, is not the blog I am the most proud of. That would be my cooking blog Thin Cooking which I ended up having to abandon in the first months of teacher training since the best will in the world would not allow me to continue it with all my extra work.

I am the most proud of this blog for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is because of this blog that I really was able to take my cookery to the next level due to all the practice I was getting with a different number of cuisines (leading to me eventually getting over my dislike of mushrooms). Then there is the fact that despite having abandoned I am regularly getting 3-400 views a months since it is a fairly decent reference guide to a number of references. The final reason for my pride is a bucket list item:

List Item: Be featured in a newspaper
Progress: Completed

On August 3rd 2011 my humble cookery blog was featured in The Times Register. I, of course, rushed out to get a copy of The Times that day and kept the part of the newspaper my blog was featured in. This is currently the only copy of it I have and it is currently stuck to the whiteboard in the kitchen so I can look at it whilst preparing dinner.

Needless to say I received my record number of views that day (about 600) and it was the boost I needed to keep blogging my cookery efforts until, as previously mentioned, I started my teaching.  Nowadays, I use this blog as my personal cookbook and take ideas from there if I am stumped for an evening meal.

Any suggestions?

Books-and-CDsSince I love cinema and have a critic that I admire above others (Roger Ebert, you are still greatly missed to this very day) I have a very certain idea about which films I will be hitting up when completing those items on this list.

However, alongside the realms of cinema I also have the target of 100 great works of fiction, 250 of the best albums and the 100 greatest computer games. I have done some research and found a good site for albums with Acclaimed Music (which is great because it updates every year or so) but can not easily find equivalent sites for books or games.

Please comment (or Facebook me if you have me) if you have any leads or suggestions of what I would need to cover to get a good spread for both games and books.