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Acclaimed Albums – Untrue by Burial

List item: Listen to the 250 greatest albums
Progress: 229/250Title: Untrue
Artist: Burial
Year: 2007
Position: #179

When Untrue came out, I was the right age and starting to get into enough diverse music in order to actually try this. Must have had it on my iPod for 13 years and yet today was the first time that I actually played it. Maybe it was meant to be that I waited this long before I finally listened to this, or maybe this could have been an album that helped shape my musical development.

Honestly, I think it was probably for the best that it took me this long. When I got it I saw it being referred to as an electronic album and I only really knew electropop, which this is not. I don’t exactly know much about this sort of electronic music. Aside from Ms Dynamite, this is the only dubstep or garage album I have ever heard. Anything else that I have listened to, like James Blake or the xx, are just developments from that sound.

What previously put me off a lot of this genre was that it could be a bit bombastic, whereas Untrue is a lot more insular. It’s the sort of dubstep made to be the soundtrack to a rainy midnight walk through an abandoned city – like something you’d get in Black Mirror but without the mindfuck.

Other than a spin of Sawayama around lunchtime, this was pretty much the only album that I ended up playing today during work hours. The beats are at times very trip-hop, but then the atmosphere has a chilled ambient feel to it. Even when you get the more upbeat tracks like ‘Archangel’ there is still an almost cozy detachment (does that make sense) that really works for me.